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The process of acquiring an estimate for your new counter top is relatively simple. Orders, however, require a bit more information and expertise. For guaranteed results, J&W recommends that you arrange for one of their expert technicians to measure your job.

To receive an estimate or to place an order, we ask that you submit a drawing of the counter top(s) accompanied by our Estimate/Order Form (below). Be sure to include all of the requested information. Remember, estimates are subject to final field measurements.

Your Tools for Estimates and Orders
The following PDF files will help you provide us with the required information:


Guidelines For Your Counter Top Estimate/Order

Take careful measurements. Be sure to allow for a cabinet overhang. If your drawing is to be used for an order, remember that most walls are not perfectly straight and most corners are not square. Accurate indications of these variances are extremely important.

  • Indicate length & depth (including overhangs)
  • Cabinet drawings and/or dimensions are helpful, but are insufficient for an order or quote to be placed.

Determine what height backsplash you desire (if you want a backsplash at all). There may be restrictions with regard to backsplash height depending upon the type of counter top chosen. Contact a J&W customer service representative for additional information.

  • Indicate any backsplashes with a line drawn parallel to the wall. Note laminate bevel or wood edge with XX. Note outside measurement (height) of backsplash if it is not a standard size.

Sinks & Ranges
Indicate the dimensions and placement of any sink or range cutout in your drawing. Specify the manufacturer and model number so that we will know the exact cutout dimensions. The placement of sink and range cutouts should be indicated by providing the cutout’s centerline measurement from the counter’s wall end. If measuring from a finished end, remember to allow for the counter’s overhang.

Include information about the counter top type (laminate, stone, stainless steel, etc.). Use the Counter Tops menu for a complete listing of product offerings.

Counter Top Color & Finish
Include the color name and finish (if applicable) for your counter top(s). Color options for all types of counters can be found on the J&W website.

Fabrication Details
Details such as edge profiles, arcs, radius corners, bevel dubs, diagonal corners, aprons, and end splashes should be shown in your drawing with the necessary dimensions included. See both the Edge Profiles link and the Options link for additional information relevant to your type of counter top.

  • Indicate wall and finished ends with a “W” for a wall and “X” for finished.
  • Indicate beveled or wood edge finished ends with “XX.”
  • Note, diagonal corners require a cabinet measurement.

Laminate Counter Styles
Laminate counters are offered in three primary styles: Post-formed, Edge Veneer, and Post-formed/Edge Veneer (hybrid). Numerous accompanying edge profile options are present, as well. For a detailed explanation, see the Laminate Counter Top link. The following terminology should be used to specify the counter top(s) style on your estimate/order.

  • PFND=Post-formed No Drip
  • PFWF=Post-formed Waterfall
  • PF180=Post-formed 180 Degree Wrap
  • PFEV=Post-formed Edge Veneer
  • PFWE= Post-formed Wood Edge
  • PFLB= Post-formed Laminate Bevel
  • EV=Edge Veneer
  • EVWE=Edge Veneer Wood Edge
  • EVLB=Edge Veneer Laminate Bevel
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