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Solid Surface Counters


Edge ProfilesSolid Surfacing is an elegant material available in a variety of colors and granite-like patterns. It gives a rich, luxurious feeling to kitchen counters, work islands, wet bars, vanity tops, windowsills, tabletops, and many other applications. A product of sophisticated modern technology, Solid Surfacing is resistant to heat, stains, bacteria, and impact. It is nonporous, with the same color and pattern running throughout its thickness–hence, seams are difficult, if not impossible to see. This combination of features provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is easy to care for. Thus, its beauty can be preserved for years to come.


Edge Profiles

  • 3/8” Roundover
  • Bull Nose
  • Bevel Edge
  • 1/8 Eased Edge
  • Ogee

There are numerous options with regard to counter top construction. Some are design amenities such as end splashes, aprons and radius corners. Others such as out of square miters and sink cut outs are integral to a specific installation. All add to the counter’s total cost. Here are explanations of some of the common amenity options for counter tops. Contact a J&W sales representative for additional information.

  • End splash: Creates a continuation of the backsplash on the wall-end of a counter.
  • Apron: A vertical section of counter that hangs below the front and/or side perimeter.
  • Diagonal Corner (w/shelf): L-shaped counters only. Creates a shelf across the back of the counter that connects the L.
  • Range Cut-out: Creates space in counter for installation of a cooktop/range
  • Self-rimming Sink Cut-out: Creates space in counter for installation of a self-rimming sink.
  • Under-mount Sink Cut-out: Creates space in counter for installation of under-mount sink–eliminates exposed rim of traditional self-rimming sink application.
  • Arc (2”, 3”, 4” or 6”): Available on island tops only. Arcs create a round (horizontal) contour to a counter’s finished end.
  • Full Radius: Similar to an arc, only the full radius creates and arc whose dimensions are relative to the counter’s width. Available on island tops only.
  • Radius Corners: Provide rounded (soft) corners to a counter’s finished end.

Solid Surface counters can be constructed for virtually any cabinet dimensions.



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